Atlas beta has launched!

Happy new year!

I'm really pleased to say registrations for our beta programme are open. Once you're invited you can launch a publication straight away.

If you'd like to request access, you can do so here.

How much does Atlas cost?

TL;DR - free for now, discounted once the early access period is over:

As an early access user you can use Atlas for free for the duration of our early access period. Before that comes to an end, we'll email you with our pricing plans and you can choose to join a paid plan if you wish.

What is Atlas?

Atlas is a new fully managed hosting service for your Ghost publication

We offer fast hosting on SSDs, backed by a CDN for rapid content delivery across the world. All Ghost features are available.

You'll also get 25GB of storage to hold your images and posts, as well as 1000GB of bandwidth per month. If you require more than this, feel free to get in touch and we may be able to help.

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